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Ending Hunger and Homelessness in Southwest Ohio

A growing number of families in southwest Ohio are struggling with the effects of poverty. More than 1.6 million residents throughout our state live below the poverty line. Worse, as many as 1 in 3 children in our area belong to a low income household, and deal regularly with hunger or homelessness.

Something needs to be done, and the Nicely Insurance Group is leading a campaign to provide emergency support to underprivileged families in the Clermont County area.

Ambassadors Assisting Area Families

The Nicely Insurance Group is proud to announce we are now Regional Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange movement in Amelia. Our focus during this emergency campaign will be to help provide for the immediate needs of local families, including food, temporary housing, and warm clothing, as well as providing emergency financial assistance to families in financial crisis.

There are thousands of families in our area that need help, and we can’t hope to reach them all without your support.

Support This Campaign

Supporting this campaign is easy; all you have to do is introduce us to other members of our community so we can share our message. When you refer a friend, loved one, or co-worker to come in and visit the Nicely Insurance Group offices, we can provide them with a free insurance appraisal in addition to more information on this campaign. And when they leave, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a regional program or agency providing relief to low income families in our area.

Making Our Community Better

There’s never been a better time to get involved. Please join us, and let’s work together to make our community better.


Rob Nicely

Nicely Insurance Group

Dignity for Low-Income Families!
February 22, 2019

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Food for Life!
November 19, 2018

Approximately 15% of the population fall below the poverty line in Ohio. As a result, many low-income families in our area struggle with basic nutrition. Some of these resilient families have no other choice than to send their kids to school without a proper meal or the means to purchase one. As direct stakeholders in this community, we strive […]

Coloring the Lives of Families Living in Poverty
August 24, 2018

We are so hopeful to be able to fund some of the relief needed for underprivileged families who are struggling with the devastating circumstances of homelessness, poverty, and hunger in their lives! When a family can no longer provide for themselves, it significantly limits their ability offer a stable emotional shelter for themselves and their […]

Nourishing the Souls of Our Community
July 1, 2018

We will donate $10 in YOUR name to help feed families in our community. We are supporting local food pantries to help ensure those in need have access to nutritious, healthy, fulfilling meals. With a 13% poverty rate in Amelia, many families have to send their children to school hungry. Focusing on serving low income […]

Helping Mason Fight
March 28, 2018

With the help of your recommendation, we’ve been able to raise $500 so far! Please continue to show your support so that Mason and his family can focus on his health! 

Covering Our Community
January 5, 2018

We are committed to making a difference for our community by donating $10 in YOUR name to help the homeless in our community. In the state of Ohio, 10,404 people are homeless as of 2016 with 3,458 being families. Throughout the Clermont County, there is a wide range of types of shelters and services available […]

Nicely Insurance Group Joins Agents Of Change Movement
February 27, 2015

Ohio is facing an increase in the number of financially challenged families struggling with poverty. 1.6 million Ohioans live in poverty, and 1 in 3 children in the state deal daily with hunger, homelessness, or a lack of seasonal clothing. Nicely Insurance Group is launching a relief campaign to provide support to families in southwest […]